FoundationDB Record Layer

Welcome to the documentation for the FoundationDB Record Layer.

The Record Layer is a Java library providing a record-oriented store on top of FoundationDB, supporting structured records with fields and types, schema evolution, complex primary and secondary indexes, and declarative query execution. The Record Layer also includes features not typically found in a traditional relational database, such as support for complex nested data types, indexes on the commit-time of records, and indexes and queries that span different types of records.

The Record Layer is stateless, so scaling up is as simple as launching more instances. It is designed for massive multi-tenancy, encapsulating and isolating all of a tenant’s state, and providing the ability to tightly constrain and balance resource consumption across users in a predictable fashion, even in the face of a wide variety of workloads and activity. Together, these properties enable the Record Layer to scale elastically as the demands of its clients grow.

Sitting on top of FoundationDB, the Record Layer inherits its strong ACID semantics, reliability, and performance in a distributed setting.


The API documentation can be found here for the most recent releases of each of this project’s published libraries: